Integrated Project Services Inc.
Simplifying projects through data collaboration
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Integrated Project Services focuses on assisting businesses become more efficient and effective through extensive integration.


Simplifying Projects
Through Data Integration

Integrated Project Services, Inc. was founded in 2018 with the sole purpose of helping businesses thrive by redesigning data integration and analysis. Most businesses record project information and have an immense amount of historical data. Unfortunately, all this data is rendered worthless without the proper and appropriate application. Our team has researched, engineered, and designed systematic tools to extrapolate data to increase project efficiency and quality. Integrated Project Services collaborates with you to develop tailored solutions created specifically to your industry, your culture, and your vision. We strive to deliver excellence in all we do through collaboration, dependability, and leaving an impact.

Our team firmly believes project services plays an important role in safety. Projects encompassing unrealistic cost and schedule targets are more likely to experience a greater number of accidents. Project Managers equipped with accurate real time data are able to make the right project decisions in order to safely deliver a successful project.



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4141 B St. Suite 203
Anchorage, AK 99503

(907) 242-2075


Professional services

• Cost Estimate Development
• Third Party Estimate Review
• Planning and Scheduling
• Cost Control
• Weekly/Monthly Cost and Schedule Reporting
• Independent Change Order Review
• Progress Measurement
• Bid Analysis
• Staffing
• Constructability Review
• Cost Engineering Procedures and Processes

tool development and implementation

• Customized Excel Tools
• Estimating Tools
• Cost Control Tools
• Scheduling Tools
• Estimating, Scheduling, and Cost Integration
• Project and Program Reporting
• Data Tracking and Reporting


An educated business is a successful business. Business education enables employees to think differently and approach projects in ways supporting the growth, efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.
Training includes but is not limited to:

• Cost Estimating
• Planning & Scheduling
• Cost Control
• Contracts
• Historical Data Management
• Excel Based Solutions


IPS has the tools, processes, and experience to provide the right information at the right time for effective decision making.


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